Planners/CPA’s/Real Estate Professionals & Advisors

IF you’re a Financial Planner or CPA, you owe it to your clients to know more about Donor Advised Funds & Assets Under Management, and what a tremendous benefit these can be to an entire family when it comes to a portfolio of real estate.

Real Estate Professionals – Certified Real Estate Specialists C.C.R.E.S. are a growing group of seasoned Real Estate Agents & Brokers who are passionate about their favorite causes, and want to make money while making a difference. The goal of our Specialized Non-Profit is to maximize the sale price of our donors real estate, and they understand the value of hiring like-minded professionals they entrust to sell a Legacy. We call these donations of real estate Legacy Listings, because in order for the legacy to become a cash donation, the property needs to be listed.

IF you have an interest in joining our group, or just learning more about what we do – simply complete the contact us form & you’ll be provided with a special affiliate invite to our Master Group, where you too can become a C.C.R.E.S. This site is just a small portion of all that’s available.