“We’re revolutionizing the way donors give, by making it possible for any nonprofit to benefit from the proceeds of a charitable gift of real estate.”  99% of nonprofits have had to say NO to gifts of real estate either due to the extreme risk or the lack of resources needed.

When a donor gives, it’s easy; we simply let those who love and support the nonprofit know that now the nonprofit can benefit from these Charitable Real Estate Donations. When a donor gives smarter by tapping into their noncash assets, aka their wealth bucket, they can give much more as is evident by the fact that the average charitable real estate donation is $550,000!”

Now, as we’ve discovered, Charitable Real Estate (CRE) isn’t a new concept. However, the unique, proactive strategy that Debra and The Real Agents of Change have implemented is, and that’s what makes this process 100% RISK-FREE for the nonprofits and a major tax benefit for the property donor. It’s a true WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around!